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LinguaMemes for Secondary Schools

LinguaMemes has been designed specifically for English speaking students to learn French from year 6 through to A'Level

It is fun, but without being gimmicky. Students can use LinguaMemes on any Internet connected device including Windows PC, Mac, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, Android Tablets and Android Phones. It will run on countless other devices too because it is a web based application. It does not require any download or installation, it is just ready to go, on the web, all the time. All of your students will be able to use LinguaMemes, whatever equipment they use at home or on the move.

Teachers - You can also create your own content on LinguaMemes. Again, it is all web based, so no need to download or install anything. Content that you create can be made available to all or just some of your classes. There is a lot of flexibility to make the system ideal for your own requirements. Also, you may create content in any other language that you might like such as German, Spanish etc.

Students will also have their own individual log-in so that they will also be able to create their own content such as sentences that are unique to themselves such as talking about family, pets, hobbies etc.