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Welcome to LinguaMemes Premium Package!

LinguaMemes is available for any educational establishment for £370+VAT per annum.

French, German, Spanish or Italian.

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With LinguaMemes you will be able to improve you language skills at your own pace whilst having fun! You have access to all the games and resources available on this teaching platform, offering a variety of different activities. Reading, spelling, memory games, writing, listening. You can choose which subject or skill you want to improve yourself, there is not set order to the syllabus, so you are in control of your learning.

LinguaMemes offers a different approach to learning a language. With the technical search you can look through the entire site for a specific subject or grammar point. And the best thing is that you can't go wrong! The program will not let you make spelling mistakes, so what you see and learn will always be correct. All you will remember is good French/German. You can also track your progress with the assessment option at the end of each game, which gives you the opportunity to go back to a subject or skill to practice until you are satisfied with your level. You can take LinguaMemes with you everywhere as it is compatible with iphones, androids and pads.

It all runs online with no need to download or install anything. PC and Mac compatible for all the standard web browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Sign up now for the premium Packages and start making progress with your foreign language!